EUPHORIA RETREAT is a place of transformation and healing, deeply authentic in its nature and philosophy. Your gateway to self-discovery, revival and EUPHORIA. Situ-ated in Greece’s mythical Peloponnese, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras.

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LOCATIONThe authentic character of Euphoria Retreat lies in the unique blend-ing of our healing philosophies with the purity of the land itself, its history and culture.Located in the heart of the Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat is just a 2.5 hours’ drive from Athens or less than an hour from Kalamata. The majestic complex is nestled in the foothills of mystical Mount Taygetus, surrounded by its own private pine forest and over-looking Sparta and the luscious, fertile valley of the Evrotas River, carpeted with citrus and cypress trees.The Byzantine city of Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an imposing medieval castle, watches over us and the traditional little village on our doorstep, where life goes on much as it has done for the past few centuries. The majesty and monastic tranquility of the setting inspires Euphoria Retreat’s authentic architecture, a luxurious, seamless blend of Byzantine art and Zen design. A gar-den stretches out to the front, with areas dedicated to the five el-ements and their different energies, while a private forest provides over 78,000 sqm of space for biking, trekking and outdoor classes. Blessed by the temperate Greek climate, you will be offered the opportunity to explore a symbiotic relationship with nature and ul-timately with yourself.

Our healing philosophy and treatments are based on the com-mon ground between two immensely influential philosophies and healing practices, Greek and Chinese. Convergent in their innermost essence, they both share deep historical roots and a common understanding of the cosmos and of human nature.Staying true to the healing traditions of a country that gave birth to philosophy and the practice of Hippocratic medicine and adopted ‘Ef zin’ (living well) as its guiding principle, we embrace Ef notion of a balanced life and of a healthy spiritual connection. Central to this ancient tradition were the temples called Asclepieia, what we have come to know today as heal-ing spas. Our holistic philosophy is enriched by the concept of the five elements - water (ydor), wood (air), fire (pyr), earth (gaia) and metal (aether) and their related energies and emo-tions.Euphoria Retreat is a place of inspiration for those seeking to live a more balanced and healthy life, change and transform, reconnect with their spiritual self in a way that is closer to their heart and roots.

The ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations observed the cosmos and human organisms and developed philosophies that in detail describe both. Most of the principles of these philoso-phies have been confirmed by today’s science.Euphoria Retreat stands on these two pillars. The pillar of ancient wisdom that describes how energy flows through the body, how the body is influenced by the cosmos, with clear guidance derived from thousands of years of experiences on how to live a euphoric and healthy life.And the pillar of modern evidence-based science, providing clear answers on whether some-thing is valuable or not, with information at a biochemical level regarding what is needed to support wellbeing (vitamins, minerals etc) and using medicine to cure and set a safe basis for complementary and alternative therapies.


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