We will meet mystery and mysticism, we will contemplate the majestic buildings of ancient tribes, listen to the mysterious sounds of the pristine nature of the jungle and enjoy every moment in a friendly atmosphere! Unforgettable adventures await you in the bohemian Tulum, which has become a place of power for a complete reset of consciousness.

This is a country of exceptional spiritual traditions and great historical heritage.This is a new, completely unknown reality.Upon arrival, you will go to one of the most beautiful cities of the country, where you will see how modern Mexicans live and you will also feel the symbiosis of many cultures.Then you will have a trip to the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula and stop for 2days in a real tropical paradise.

Every detail is thought out in this unique hacienda: nature, architecture and history exist in harmony and you will have a great opportunity to become a partof this.Here you will findthe most spiritual SPA of Mexico.All procedures are intertwined with traditional elements and therapeutic methods, whichwill immediately lead you into the magical world of the soul and feelings.For you - morning yoga at the cenotewith a master, wellness nutrition, ritual dances, purification of the body, soul and spirit in a temaskal sessionand magical meditations

Is it possible to think about Mexico without a major place of power?In our trip, you will have a private visit at sunrise to the most sacred building of the ancient Mayan civilization - to the fantastic pyramids of Chichen Itza.This is a place with powerful energy.Here all vivid feelings are awaken and emotional balance is achieved.We will also stop ina secret place - a small but very colorful town built in a typical Spanish colonial style as well as swim in the cenote, where we can relax before the road to Tulum.

And finally, long-awaited Tulum!Thanks to the knowledge and wisdom of shamans, passed down from generation to generation, special magic has been preserved here.Tropical jungle, authentic parks, clear ocean and quite an active life contributes to this as well.Total detox from civilization, boho romance and care for the surrounding nature - this is Tulum.For several days your home will be the secret pearl of eco-tourism, built in collaboration with local carpenters in order to leave a minimal footprint in nature


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