In the early morning, an emergency situation happened in mobile zoo "BARS" in Buzuluk, Orenburg Region: an Amur tigress attacked a 20-year-old guy.
A drunken man tried to steal her baby from the cage. Small tiger was injured seriously and delivered for treatment to Chelyabinsk.

A new patient appeared in "SAVE ME" shelter - a three-month-old tiger kitten with a spinal injury. Hector - name of a new guest - does not move his hind legs well.

“The kid was transferred for 800 kilometers,” veterinarian Karen Dallakyan tells about his patient. “He endured the journey well. We will heal him, try to raise on his paws. "

Karen believes that the drunken man wanted to steal the tiger baby from the cage. Early in the morning, a drunken young man in gloves tore off a board covering the bottom of the cage with tigers, and, grabbing the tiger baby by his hind legs, tried to pull him through the gap. The baby was beeping from fear and pain, and the tigress mother immediately came to help him. She grabbed the kidnapper’s hand, biting it till the fracture and tore the skin of his forearm. To the cry of an uninvited guest, duty officers arrived. Drunken man told the police that he climbed into a cage with a tiger to stroke the animal, but he did not touch the baby at all.

Dallakyan does not believe in this version: firstly, the man was wearing gloves, and secondly, he arrived at 6am in the morning, which indicates that this crime was planned in advance. According to the animal rights activist, the price of a wild cat on the black market reaches 300 thousand rubles, and, most likely, this man decided to steal and sell the tiger baby.

The veterinarian and his colleague conducted the first examination directly in the open air, on a street operating table in a shelter. Dallakyan stated that it was unpleasant for Hector when the doctor touched his tail. The baby falls strongly on the hind legs, and his spine in the lumbar part is damaged.

Karen shared his thoughts on the upcoming treatment: “we decided to appoint an X-ray examination. It is very important now to exclude injuries to internal organs. When he was pulled with force through the narrow gap, the thief could squeeze his stomach."

Karen says that Hector reminds his beloved patient, the tiger Zhorik: he also snorts, expressing the full range of emotions.

From the first minutes of his life in the shelter, Hector was looking for his own soul. In his tiger mind, he chose as his best friend ... a seven-year-old tiny Chihuahua. The snow-white dog does not leave the tiger baby, looks into his eyes, and Dallakyan suggests that perhaps the tiger sees his mother, the savior, in this tiny Chihuahua.


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